Thursday, July 23, 2015

Life at BYU-I

EDIT: I wrote this in July of 2013 and saved it to my drafts never to be seen again. Welp, today I found it and while I'm no longer of the "single lady status," I still find this to be hilarious. Just me? I'll see myself out now...

I officially have one semester at BYU-I under my belt so I feel like I can do something like this. Also, going on 24 and having spent the past 5 years as a single's ward observer, I've learned a few things.

Now I understand that I'm still young. And I'm totally cool with my single lady status (thanks, Beyonce). But when you go to BYU-I-DO, you can't just ignore that people are getting married faster than I can finish a Facebook status update. Dramatic? Maybe. True? Absolutely.

So those who have spent a fair amount of time in a single's ward or at any BYU campus will totally get me.

That moment a cute guy sits by you in class and doesn't have a wedding ring on.

But then you talk to him and the first thing he mentions is his girlfriend.

Professors asking for a volunteer for opening prayer on the first day of class.

When a freshman announces her engagement at the beginning of class.

Getting asked out by a premie.

That awkward moment when he realizes you're SIX YEARS older than him.

When no one understands your sarcasm.

When you find the one person who actually does.

When it's announce that a general authority will speak at devotional.

The Ricks building is HOW FAR?!

Party in the Hart (or me teaching Zumba).

Blind dates.

Chevron maxi skirts.

Cute guy in your ward speaks, announces he's getting ready to graduate.

Trying to decide what movie to watch. Give up and pick Tangled. Again.

Most of the time I just walk around feeling like this.

July 2015 update: I still walk around feeling (and looking) like this. Just FYI.